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Hair transplantation surgery is the only permanent solution to baldness. It is a successful and proven process that has been in use for well over 30 years, however the techniques have advanced and changed dramatically during that time. There are two methods of producing grafts

>> FUT (strip excision)
>> FUE (punch excision)

Both have advantages and disadvantages and many things should be taken into consideration when deciding which procedure is best for you.  Hair transplantation is a combination of art and science. Careful analysis and consideration is critical given the fact that a patient may continue to bald during their lifetime.  It is also worth noting that any time the skin is cut it will produce a scar of some sort.

The skill, knowledge and experience of your doctor is the key to success for either method.

Transplant Method Comparison


FUT - Strip Harvesting



A narrow strip of the donor area is trimmed to 2mm in hair length.

Local anesthetic is then administered.  Dr. Gillespie prides himself on virtually painless anesthesia and has been published as well as he has taught others in regards to his technique.

A strip of hair is removed from the safe donor area, the area just above the ears towards the back of the occipital protuberance (the bump at the back of the head).  This is called the donor area because the hair from from here will usually grow forever, therefore grafts taken from this area when transplanted, will continue growing for a lifetime. The scalp is carefully sutured using a trichophytic closure to minimize scarring.  The hair from above the suture is then combed down to conceal the suture line.

The strip is then carefully dissected under microscopes by our experienced surgical technicians into 1 - 4 hair unit grafts.  These naturally occurring groups of hairs are called follicular units.

Local anesthetic is again painlessly administered to the recipient area and once numb, Dr. Gillespie skillfully makes the recipient sites for the grafts.  The grafts are then gently placed into the sites by our team of professionally trained surgical technicians.


FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction


The donor area is shaved down to a workable length, usually 2mm.  Local anesthetic is then administered.

The grafts are individually harvested from the shaved donor area using a motorized punch.  Once the desired numbers of grafts are obtained, the donor sites are left to heal without suturing.

Because a larger donor area is required with FUT, some of the grafts may have to be taken from outside of the "safe" donor area, and therefore may not grow indefinitely.

The rest of the surgical procedure continues as with FUT .

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